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Ambulancias aéreas | Jet Rescue

Mexico Air Ambulance



Having a Serious Medical emergency or an unexpected hospitalization while traveling in Mexico can be a very stressful and difficult experience. 

Jet Rescue is a Licensed Air ambulance Provider in the USA and Mexico providing advanced critical care during transport for all patient conditions. We are the most experienced air ambulance service in America, conducting flights from and to Mexico.

 We Would like to share the following information to assist you:

  • Hospitals in Mexico generally require payment up-front for services rendered and will place holds on credit cards if a patient is admitted. The U.S. Government does not pay for medical care overseas. Some private U.S. insurance companies pay for medical care overseas, but usually on a reimbursable basis, meaning that you will need to pay first and request reimbursement later. Patients should contact their insurance company as soon as possible to understand exactly what services the insurance company will cover.

  • Hospital quality in Mexico varies. There are different types of hospitals in Mexico:

  • public clinics where patients are expected to pay for medications and other basic items;public and private hospitals, which generally provide basic-level of care, but might not be able to handle complex cases; and modern private facilities that provide high quality care at prices generally higher than those in the United States. A list of hospitals can be found here citizens/doctors/.

  • For individuals with life-threatening emergencies or who wish to leave Mexico immediately and cannot travel on a commercial flight, transportation via Jet Rescue air ambulance is your best option.

  •  In Mexico, the Federal General Health Law (La Ley General de Salud) governs the rights and responsibilities of hospitals and patients. The key provisions of the law require the nearest medical facility to see patients with emergency medical conditions, that patients receive complete information about their diagnosis and care, and that patients authorize any treatment. Additionally, patients have the right to consent to treatment and where they will receive treatment. Finally, hospitals may not retain or attempt to detain a patient, his/her passport, or body to guarantee payment of medical services provided. However, the patient, family members, or legal representative who authorized the treatment is also responsible for arranging payment of the bill with the hospital administration and/or insurance company.

  • While most U.S. citizens have acceptable hospitalization experiences in Mexico, some have reported hospitals failing to provide an itemized list of charges, withholding U.S. passports, and delaying medical evacuations.

  • The U.S. Embassy recommends patients take the following steps to ensure proper billing for hospital services:

  • Obtain the estimated cost of any proposed treatments;

  • Request an itemized bill every day;

  • Express any concerns about billing with hospital administration immediately;

  •  If uncomfortable with costs, check with other hospitals and if medically possible, change

  • hospitals;

  • Immediately work with your insurance company – do not assume the hospital will; and

  • If it appears that the dispute will be unresolvable, contact the

  • Embassy/Consulate/Consular Agency for additional advice.

you will receive expert and caring assistance from a specially assigned flight coordinator, who will handle all of the logistics and oversee the trip details before, during and after the flight. You also will be served by seasoned, professional pilots and air crews with thousands of hours of flight experience and an exemplary safety record. The medical personnel assigned to your flight all have extensive ICU and/or CCU experience, and they will be assigned based on the particular medical necessities for your flight.

Our bed-to-bed services for flights to or from Mexico include:

  • Emergency and non-emergency air ambulance flights

  • Stretcher service on international flights

  • Medical escort services for those unable to fly commercially without assistance or medical care

 makes flights to or from every continent, and our unblemished safety record has earned us the prestigious EURAMI accreditation, which is bestowed upon air service providers with superb medical protocols and aviation records. To learn more or to request an all-inclusive quote for air ambulance services to or Mexico,contact us any time, day or night, by email.

Every transport is screened by our Medical Director to ensure that we are sending the most qualified medical staff for the transport. Our medical director provides physician-level oversight to all medical care. On average our clinicians have over 5 years of experience in their specialty and in a patient transport setting. Specialty areas include EMS, ED, Adult ICU, and Pediatric ICU. American Jet Rescue also has developed specialty care transport teams for specific patients.


Special Care Transport

 Jet Rescue has developed Specialty Care

Transport teams including:

  • Burn Care Team

  • Pediatric Care Team

  • Neonatal Transport Team 


Each of these teams include a Nurse, Respiratory Therapist, or Paramedic with   additional training and experience as well as additional continuing education requirements. Doctors are available if a full team is requested.


New employees receive advanced training in aviation and medical safety, flight physiology, human factors, critical care management, and emergency care management. All medical staff receives initial and recurrent training to verify skill and equipment competency.


Competencies include: advanced airway management, intubation, chest tube management, invasive pressure monitoring, cardiac pacing, cardioversion, defibrillation, pharmacology, ultrasonography and other critical care and emergency skills.

Ambulancias aéreas | Jet Rescue
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