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Ambulancias aéreas | Jet Rescue

Common Questions About Air Ambulance Services

Ambulancias aéreas | Jet Rescue

Why not just go in a regular ambulance?

  • 1. What type of patients’ require an air ambulance?

  • 2. Is Air Ambulance service covered by Medicare or other insurance plans?

  • 3. Can American Jet Rescue assist me in determining whether insurance will cover the charges?

  • 4. If patient must pay out of pocket, how much might the service cost?

  • 5. What questions can I ask to determine if an Air Ambulance company is qualified?

  • 6. Does American Jet Rescue provide international evacuation service?

  • 7. Why is it better to deal with an Air Ambulance provider and not a broker?

  • 8. What is “bedside to bedside” service and why is it important?

  • 9. May a family member come with the patient?

  • 10. What arrangements does American Jet Rescue make for the flight?

  • 11. What assurances are there that the aircraft is safe?

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