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American Jet Rescue  Air Ambulance, owns its fleet of air ambulance jets. Our state-of-the-art air ambulance fleet of special medically equipped air ambulances  are ready to respond to emergencies  in a matter of minutes.
All of our  ICU jets are pressurized and climate controlled. All of our air ambulances are totally equipped  with all the necessary  equipment to transport critical patients. Our Air Ambulance Jet flights are conducted by Century Aviation FAA 135 Air Carrier Certificate Number LDIA742M .
Learjet 35-A  N357LJ N35BG

Flight Crews

Captain + First Officer


Med Crew

RN + Paramedic (Specialists available)



1 Intensive Care-Patient + 1 Patient on 2nd Stretcher



Length 5.87 m / 19.26 ft
Width 1.50 m / 5 ft
Height 1.32 m / 4' 5"


Height 4.86 ft
Width  2.22 ft



Airconditioned pressurized cabin, toilet, sat-phone


Cruise Speed

850 km/h / 0.81 Mach / 459 kt


Cruising Altidude

14.000 m / 45.000 ft



4.100 km / 2.200 nm



2 Garret TFE 731-2-2B each 3.500 lbs Thrust


Max. Take Off Weight

8.000 kg / 18,300 lbs


Max. Payload

1.500 kg / 3.307 lbs


Required runway length

1.300 m / 4.265 ft

Falcon 50  N260ER  N921EW


Our modern Falcon 50 jets are capable of transporting patients over 3000 miles Non-stop

Being able to fly directly with less stops saves precious time and money!

Flight Crews

Captain + First Officer


Med Crew

Up to 4 Medical Attendants



2 Intensive Care-Patients + 4 Travel Companions



Span18,86 m

Lenght18,52 m

Height6,98 m


Cabin Height 1,8 m

Cabin Width 1,86 m

Baggage Volume 2,55 m3



Unladen weight 9163 kg

Max. Takeoff Weight 17 600 kg

Fuel Capacity8 763 l (7 040 kg)


Max. Speed31 000 ft (9450 m) (km/h) 870

Range5 830 km


Type3 Garrett TFE 731-3 3 X 1 680 kgp

Cruise Speed

880 km/h / 0,82 Mach / 468kt


Cruising Altidude

14.000 m / 45.932 ft



6300 kms / 3.400 nm



3 Garret TFE 731


Max. Take Off Weight

18.000 kg / 39.700 lbs


Max. Payload

1.500 kg / 3.307 lbs


Required runway length

1.432  m / 4.700 ft

The Falcon 50 Features


  • DUAL ICU / CCU Patient Care units.

  • Extend Oxygen Source

  • Neonatal care with the hospital based transport team and equipment

  • ECMO Capabilities

  • Hot meal Service

  • First Class Seating for travel companions

  • Enclosed lavatory

  • Electric Loading Ramp

  • External baggage compartment

Air Ambulance Falcon 50 VS Learjet 36 Cabin
* Gulfstream and Challenger Air Ambulance
*Available upon request.
The Gulfstream & Challenger aircraft are not dedicated to the AJR Air Ambulance's operation nor are they part of our accredited program. These aircraft will be equipped with AJR Air Ambulance's full time medical staff and equipment when utilized.
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 Todas las ambulancias aereas son de nuestra propiedad y se operan bajo nuestro propio AOC  Med Jets SA de CV

                                                           expedido por la DGAC número Mexico AOC MTS/2015

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